About Me

Hello I’m Ning Cordero, welcome to my bliss, Festive Flair!

I’m a mother of two teenage boys, Piolo & Marky, and adorable toddler, unica hija, Monina. I’m a wife to a government executive and bonsai hobbyist. We live in Pampanga. A typical “Kapampangan” household, having a fair share of challenges of a growing family, simple life, not perfect but rich in love, laughter, worship, and of course food!

I’m no expert in writing but my job as marketing and advertising professional in PUNTO, print and online newspaper in Central Luzon, inspired me to. What started as client stories on product launch and events that required publishing, flourished into a lifestyle column in the said newspaper entitled Festive Flair started in 2014.

And now I’m giving Festive Flair a second home, the newest family+work+lifestyle blog – FestiveFlair.ph!

Providing clients and readers a more accessible platform and wider reach with informative stories about anything under the sun to inspire, to empower – working moms, homemakers, soon to be moms, soon to be wives or anybody having the same journey.

Work-life balance is key. As a working mom I wear many hats but what matter most is how to keep the hat steady and productive! To me it is important to spend my time well, clarify my intensions and goals and respond to any circumstances with good grace.

Festive Flair is all about that keeping relationship, continuously learning and sharing it to others, and living each day to the fullest with a purpose, sincerity, kindness, festivity and flair!